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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Globe G-Pass

Octopus Card EZ Link Card - front EZ Link Card - back

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a few weeks back i bought a g-pass chip for the blue line mrt. since i don't regularly take the mrt to and from work, i only got to use it recently. the pack costs ~$2.00 (Php100) that includes the user's manual and the chip itself with approximately a dollar worth of credit (Php50). as i was listening intently to the "globe" lady giving out the instructions on the use if the g-pass, i only got to remember the part she said wherein the load couldn't go below ~30 cents (Php16), the maximum fare of the mrt from end to end. the rest i didn't pay attention to anymore when i should've.

instead of sticking to the "standard" cards used in the ez-link in singapore and the octopus card in hong kong that's the size of a regular credit card that fits nicely in one's wallet, they made it the size of a peso coin with the blue globe telecom logo on one side. it's not only easy to lose because it's significantly small but it would be more appropriate to be placed in a coin purse rather than in your wallet.

i then read through the manual that came with the pack only to find out that every use of the chip would add 5% of your train fare to cover globe's operational expenses (e.g. the intallation of the turnstiles, loading stations, etc.). with that, all information pertaining to the remaining amount in your chip and station exits are sent to your phone via sms.

aside from the hidden charges, i think it's about time that we introduce this kind of technology to make traveling a lot quicker and ease the congestion at the ticket counters. a lot has to be improved on though, and i hope i can be part of their focus group if they have one. other than that, this is another initiative from globe telecom, where they're still making great things possible.

DanieL | 8/29/2006 12:14:00 AM |

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Security Advisory

Tail 25 D  E  F          Life vest under your seat Seats Cabin

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e-tickets or paperless airline ticketing technology should work for everyone no matter what. this trip reminded me that there was more to than just giving out your credit card number over a secure network to pay for your fare. that instructions (even in fine print) should be read and have to be remembered--what to bring entering the airport, what cannot be brought with the hand-carry, what time to be in the airport to make it to your flight, yadda-yadda.

what i couldn't understand was that this wasn't my first time to travel. having no e-ticket print-out at hand and getting to the airport late...ehr after the gates have closed will definitely cause the plane to be delayed. up to now, i refuse to admit the fact that i was partly responsible for the plane off to davao to be delayed. but somehow at the back of my mind i'm starting to believe that it was my fault.

after getting through the baggage checking-in counter last, boarding the plane and getting seated at the very back of the plane, everything was all set to go to the durian republic. i was looking forward to this long awaited vacation, there was nothing that can happen to dampen my spirits. go, go, go!

riding the cebu pacific "new" airbus a320 was truly a trip to remember. it's a small plane wherein one can see the whole span of the cabin from end to end. the flight was full since it's kadayawan festival season. for a 20-peso promotional fare plus taxes, we're even lucky to get c2 green tea drinks. for that, the gokongwei's had it all covered.

my achievement that day, though having a distorted body clock and not getting decent sleep hence coming in late to the airport and still managed to make it to the 8:50am flight. that was the highlight leaving manila. i then dozed off almost throughout the flight oblivious of the things happening around me. an hour and forty-five minutes later, we landed at the davao international airport. we had a bad landing--i gave it a 6 over 10. my brother shamelessly gave it a 3.

DanieL | 8/22/2006 06:30:00 AM |

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


it's vacation time once again! i'll be off to someplace nice from wednesday to sunday. i hope for favorable weather, great company, good food and lots of places to be visited. i'll post my pictures, yes i was able to borrow a digital camera in time for this trip (thank goodness) when i get back.

DanieL | 8/15/2006 07:37:00 PM |

Monday, August 14, 2006


it was a sad monday for me.
i took my camera to the canon repair office with a cloud hovering my head, figuratively and literally speaking. the canon peeps were very attentive to me maybe because they saw my long frown on my face. they identified my camera as part of their ccd malfunction recall and that it would take fourteen (14) working days (at least) for it to be repaired depending on parts availability. so they looked at the problem, removed the battery and CF memory card and checked it in. *sigh*

over a month ago, i took my clie to the sony service center for what may be a ccd malfunction as posted on their website (copy of the notice from the sony website pasted below). i've noticed the problem shortly after the warranty expired because i seldom use the 2.0MP camera of the clie since i have a digital canon camera anyway and it drains much of the battery. when i had some time off work i then went on to have it repaired. a few days ago they called and said to claim my unrepaired clie because parts are not available locally. *double sigh*

i called sony philippines and was told that the clie was not officially launched here in the philippines hence they don't carry support. i was told to bring the clie to the store where i bought it from (complink makati) for them to refer me to their distributor for other options which baffled me nonetheless. after calling complink, i was then referred back to sony (which made more sense) since they'd be the best ones who'll be able to handle this concern.

these are two different companies with a similar issue-- a malfunctioning ccd that needed to be recalled. one just took action on the issue while i'm still waiting on my fate on the other one. being an electronics consumer, i acknowledge the fact that these things happen. i admire them for admitting product faults and providing options to remedy the situation aside for some exceptional cases. i guess all i have to do it sit and wait. for the rest of you who are wondering what will happen, you just sit back and wait as well. and the waiting kills me...


Notice to Owners of Sony CLIÉ Handheld Computer (PEG-NZ90/G and PEG-NZ90/H)

Dear Valued Sony CLIÉ Customer:

An issue has been identified with the CLIÉ handheld computer, PEG-NZ90/G and PEG-NZ90/H manufactured from October 2002 through March 2004, which incorporates an image sensor device, or CCD, that may exhibit the following condition:

When the product is used in camera mode, the LCD panel exhibits either a distorted image or no image.

To request a repair for an affected CLIÉ handheld computer, please contact your local CLIÉ Service Centre. A list of Sony service centres can be found in the Support Network page.

*The actual repair service will be available from January 2006 (as additional production of repair parts is currently taking place).

As part of Sony's commitment to product quality, the repair will be provided free-of-charge, within the scope of warranty or out of the scope of warranty to the owners of the above two specified CLIÉ models exhibiting the above-mentioned condition caused by the image sensor device.

Sony sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused and will continue to make an effort to improve its quality assurance in the future.

* Privacy Statement
Personal information, such as your name and mailing address, provided to the contact above will be kept and used only for the free repair service. The information will be strictly controlled and will not be used for any other purposes.

DanieL | 8/14/2006 03:07:00 PM |

Sunday, August 13, 2006


those were the sentences i uttered when i discovered something terribly wrong with my camera. it was last night during my dad's birthday party celebration when i saw it happen. my canon camera is so busted that when i looked at the lcd, i only saw blurred imagery with purple tinted fringing.

this can't be happening in a time when i am seriously contemplating on getting a dslr that i cannot afford as of the moment, the canon 350d. i just can't afford a new one. i don't even know how much it will cost to have this one repaired.

not now when i have so many things lined up-- upcoming out-of-town vacations.

argh! i just can't afford not to have a camera. i hope my camera didn't do this on purpose knowing that i was planning to buy a dslr. hehehehe.


i'll take my camera on monday to the canon shop near my office to have it checked out. for my trip on wednesday, i guess i'll just have to borrow a camera if there's a good soul around me who'll lend me one. =P

DanieL | 8/13/2006 10:12:00 PM |

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kids at Play

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buri beach resort kids
puerto galera, oriental mindoro


at lunch today i overheard my colleague mention about a website that she wanted to show us. since i was being the usual autistic self that i am, i was busily doing my own thing in my cube with the remaining lunch time that i have, i didn't seem to care. when i glanced through the monitor i saw that she got featured as 'volunteer of the month' of hands on manila, inc.

great work, que! keep it up, it's nice to know that someone is actively doing His work for others. i hope that this inspires everyone (myself included) to the spirit of volunteerism.

DanieL | 8/10/2006 02:41:00 PM |

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Nokia 6020 Phone

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nokia is beginning to bring out the worst in me. well it's their customer service that's making me tick at the very least. a few months ago, my brother got himself a 'free' nokia phone from globe that's tied to a 2-year subscription plan. it was the plan that he was interested in and the 'free' phone just comes in as an added bonus. he actually hated it so my scheming sweet talking brother made his way and convinced me to trade-in the sleek razr v31 phone that i was happily using to his nokia 6020. we're family and i felt like a good brother to him *wink* *wink* hence i gave in. prior to this, he discovered that the infrared device of the nokia was busted and it being under warranty, it had to be taken in for repairs in the greenbelt nokia care facility. this one i was fully aware of.

so the deal was signed, sealed and the phone switch with my brother (who had been drooling for the razr v3i for the longest time) was done while the nokia 6020 was still in for repairs and was awaiting for a replacement part from singapore (so they said). i kept on doing follow-up calls until it had been a month already. talking to them so very often made me conclude on these things:

1) they couldn't replace a brand new phone with a defective infrared device because it's beyond the allowed period of days to warrant a unit exchange-- just parts replacement.
2) they couldn't provide me with a service unit to compensate for the inconvenience caused by the delay of the part. i guess it's not standard policy to do that. and i could just imagine what was going in their heads, "you wish! it's a cheap 6020 for us to treat you special as if you had a high-end phone."
3) i even offered to PAY for the repairs even if it was under parts and service warranty just to get things fixed ASAP.
again i found myself at the mercy of the nokia care guys. so i couldn't go bonkers on them on the phone to get my way with things and instead sweet talked them to the brink of begging (just tried my luck) that they'd give in and act on my phone issues asap but to my utter dismay.

then one day, i received a call that the phone was already fixed and can be claimed already. whoopeee! my brother just had the paperworks with him during claiming but not the battery, the phone casing and the keypad to get it tested. we just took the girls good word that it was indeed tested and went home.

as of writing this blog entry, the infrared device is still busted. with all the hassle, now tell me how would you like me to feel about nokia?


it seemed like the tables have turned over and i can feel what it was like to be on the other end of the phone with a lingering issue that hasn't been resolved appropriately-- it was frustrating and disappointing at the same time. at this moment, their manner of providing the appropriate customer care that was due to their customers was way, way beyond what i know and learned from my previous work. i wish i could've been treated differently, even just a bit close to how it should've been, not for anything else. not because it was the right thing to do but it felt it was the right thing.

DanieL | 8/08/2006 11:44:00 PM |

Monday, August 07, 2006


Office Clutter 2

Office Clutter 2 Office Clutter 1 Chocolates!

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manic, manic monday
office workspace
makati city, philippines

i've not been my usual self lately. it must have been brought about by: 1) getting sick; 2) rains due to the monsoon season; 3) flooding in the metro because of the rains. it's really absurd and baffling how i factor-in and blame these things to realize that it has a profound effect on the workings of my head. does it? that, i don't know and i can't even begin to explain.

again, i digressed and have totally forgot what to blog about. crap.

DanieL | 8/07/2006 04:54:00 PM |