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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

It's an annual thing...we have out own way of celebrating halloween in the office. We get our workstations and various areas within the office all spooked up. Empty hallways toward the bathrooms are converted to look like scary hospital corrridors and morgues. Manequins lie along the way looking like "dead" people and ghoulish creatures. The men's washroom wasn't even spared. The lights turned red and rubber rats lurking the latrines. Eeeeew.

What's in it for us?

We get to be on a contest to be the spookiest. And for us employees, we wear costumes depending on the theme. Since it's a weeklong activity, yesterday we had to wear anything "Funny" from crossdressers to a team all witches. Today it's time for us to be "Spooky" so my teammates decided to do Underworld. Gothic vampires from hell. Others looked like mimes and the list goes on where the dead would envy our way of being...dead.

Tomorrow I'll continue this blog on the details of this thing we have at work.

DanieL | 10/29/2003 03:07:00 PM |

Monday, October 27, 2003


It's 9:52pm (MNL time) and I'm not yet asleep. In 8 hours I need to be at work but I have to be up in 5 hours to prepare stuff. Not good enough for me; I should still be getting a full night's sleep of 8 hours or more. What have I been up to since early this evening? Friendster! It's like an addiction of some sort. It sucks you right in with never ending sending out of invites to become part of your electronic groupie. Why the sudden fixation for Friendster?

Not only am I a self-confessed chocolate anf coffee addict but I'm addicted to Friendster as well. Think of a new age addiction, huh? Let's see where this type of addiction will take me. What will happen when I'm all tired hooking up people to be part of my menagerie called friendsters? It's a good thing especially when you're killing time. You can go for hours trying to link everyone you can think of and insisting that others become part as well so you can add them as well. Call it crazy but that's the point of this whole thing.

I better get some sleep now so I can work instead of thinking of Friendster. Hmmm, no wonder Friendster is banned from websites to be accessed online at work. It doesn't just get you hooked, it sucks you to oblivion. It lowers the company's productivity. What gives?.

DanieL | 10/27/2003 10:00:00 PM |

For almost 11 months now, I had been desperately trying to gain weight. As for most, they seem to have been dying to shed those pounds while here I am trying to keep most of it. Why so? Because I am underweight for my height. Though it seems that I have been working on it, I am not working hard enough. Ideally, the minimum weight for an Asian male that is 5'8" in height is 132lbs. I am currently 122lbs- 10 pounds away from the brink of getting that ideal weight. I enrolled in the gym fpr this purpose and went on to their horrific weight gain programs and drank those filthy weight gain protein drinks. I see results though...from 109lbs in Feb2003 I could say that I have come a long way. Can I hasten this process? I am running out of options, from eating 5 meals a day to gorging on food every chance I get. Believe me, this is not cheap.

For anyone who can be of help, email me at:

DanieL | 10/27/2003 02:24:00 PM |


My new toy is a SONY CLIE PEG NZ90.

Though not really a new Sony product out in the market, the thing was a bit pricey and it was considered a high-end product with good reviews. It is supposed to be a little of everything you wanted for a PDA (except a built-in phone) but the best you'd ever want. It has a 2MP camera, MP3 player, wireless Wi-Fi compactflash slot, excellent TFT screen resolution, movie player and so much more.

I got it almost 2 months ago and I still can't stop tinkering with it day in and day out. I can spend the whole day uploading, downloading, installing and uninstalling stuff without ever getting tired of it. If this categorically qualifies me to be a geek so be it but I'd rather be called a technofreak instead. Hahahahaha.

With the amount that I paid for, it was all well worth it! And I feel I have yet a lot to explore in that toy.

DanieL | 10/27/2003 01:22:00 PM |

Sunday, October 26, 2003


Cluttered thought No. 1:

I should have been home. It's a Sunday and it's either I should be watching TV or should have been doing nothing. But instead I decided to be productive and went to the office to do some paperwork. Anyway with my backlog at work I had to do something about it. Duh!

Cluttered thought No. 2:

I got one testimonial in Friendster from a very good friend from work. And in return, I had to do the same. Anyway it wasn't difficult to do knowing that he is my friendster as well. This concept of connecting people is pretty cool. Though it's only now that I'm getting the hang of it. Does this remind you of Six Degrees of Separation?

Cluttered thought No. 3:

I have ran out of cluttered thoughts. Maybe next time. I need comfort food, I better run to the nearest McDonald's for a big Coke and large fries.

DanieL | 10/26/2003 09:30:00 PM |

Saturday, October 25, 2003


This is my last day of the work week. I am so exhausted from work. I can't wait till this day is over.

DanieL | 10/25/2003 01:38:00 PM |

Friday, October 24, 2003


Don't you just hate it when you're down with the flu? For one it makes your nose all runny and you don't stop sneezing...literally. I have allergic rhinitis but it doesn't make me sneeze ten times within a two minute interval and makes you feel like hell afterwards. I had been under the weather for 3 days now. It's only today that I had not been to work because I had a fever when I woke up this morning. It could have been that I got the virus in the office or anyone that I had close contact to. I'm trying to steer away from the notion that I have contracted SARS from my recent trip to Singapore. Non of my friends whom I was with is sick or something. Though it hasn't been six weeks since I arrived I couldn't really discount the fact that it could be SARS. That couldn't be so...that's BULL.

On the other hand, I'm still trying to figure out how to post pictures here. I feel my Blogs will be more appealing to read if I'll have accompanying pictures to look at. Geez I better go under the sheets, I still have work tomorrow!

DanieL | 10/24/2003 10:23:00 PM |

This is my very first blog after a long, long while. The last time I logged to have a blog entry was early this year. Now it's almost the end of the year. How fast time has gone by when you tend to be so busy.

I have a new skin now and a new name to go with effort or reflection of the better and more optimistic person that I am....NOT!

This though should entail that I blog more often than before and that I get back to the blogging habit.

So I guess there would be more cluttered thoughts to look forward to in the days to come.

DanieL | 10/24/2003 08:37:00 PM |