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Sunday, September 12, 2004


people are still mouring after three years. the memory of the 9/11 tragedy have never been forgotten.

America will never forget. Posted by Hello

DanieL | 9/12/2004 08:29:00 AM |


as part of my usual roundabout on my days off, i went and saw a movie yesterday after having lunch. i think there's drastically something wrong with me if i always fall asleep inside the movie house mostly throughout the duration of the movie.

let me rationalize things first if i may. i was at work the previous night so technically i haven't had gotten real sleep. i wanted to do as much leisure activities that spanned the whole day so i've foregone my desire to get that much needed sleep and went on with things.

i went to see the terminal at the podium. i think it's a good movie and if i were to be asked by my friends, i'd recommend that they'd watch it...and not fall asleep. but then again, i didn't sleep because i found it boring like connie&carla and cinderalla story. i was just dead tired.

if i was asleep the whole time, what was the movie all about then?

...i think Tom Hanks initially fled a war-torn country from europe.
...i think he wasn't allowed to get out of JFK since he got denied by immigration officials.
...i think he practically stayed inside the termainal and that all events transpired within the airport.

i wish i could say more than mere details that can be read off a movie review sheet. maybe i'd spend money again and watch it for the second time.

DanieL | 9/12/2004 07:47:00 AM |