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Wednesday, September 28, 2005



Kuwentista ng mga Tsikiting (KUTING), the premier organization of Filipino writers for children, in cooperation with Phoenix Educational Systems Inc., will be conducting a Writing for Children workshop on October 22, 2005, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the 5th flr. Robinson's Galleria Corporate Center, Ortigas, Pasig City.

Workshop topics and KUTING speakers are the following: Why write for kids? Why not?! by Dr. Luis Gatmaitan. M.D., 2005 Palanca Hall of Fame Winner and TOYM Awardee; Writing for Kids : Labor and Love by Carla Pacis, Palanca Winner and National Book Awardee, Resident Fellow, UP Institute of Creative Writing, and Professor of Children's Literature at UP Diliman and De La Salle University; and Rhyme and Reason : Writing Poetry for Kids by Heidi Eusebio-Abad, Gintong Aklat Awardee and Professor of Creative Writing & Children's Literature at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Workshop fee costs Php 1,000.00 inclusive of snacks, lunch and workshop kit.

A 15% discount will be given to early registrations on or before October 15, 2005. For reservations and inquiries, please contact 09164340167 or 0920960288 and 723-0481 loc 424. Or email

Founded in 1995, Kuting is composed of professional writers for children from various fields, headed by its current president Mae Astrid Tobias. It aims to promote an awareness and appreciation of Philippine children�s literature through the production of quality literary works. Among its past presidents are book authors Carla Pacis, Dr. Luis Gatmaitan, Natasha Vizcarra, Augie Rivera, and Lara Saguisag.

**for those who want to learn how to write, why not learn to write books for kids? it's always a good thing and you're doing it for all the right reasons.

DanieL | 9/28/2005 11:11:00 AM |

Saturday, September 24, 2005


i go home to our house in antipolo during weekends to unwind. nothing beats quality time with my parents, my brother, chuck, our loving rott, our lovebirds and our 8 cats. this evening, these are some things i observed when i got home:

1) my dad was on the dining table doing some work on his laptop; checking on the satellite weather forecast from nasa for coming rains or other weather disturbances.

2) he's connected to the web via a wireless pcmcia card to my brother's pc serving as the host computer for the net connection.

3) when i checked on my brother, he's online doing some work and talking to a colleague in new york through voip. apparently he's testing out the voip box to be used in his start-up company.

4) likewise, my brother is wirelessly retrieving data from my dad's laptop and vice-versa.

5) a few minutes later, my dad printed out some satellite images sent to the printer located in the opposite side of the house.

everyone seemed busy today when i got home. even my mom was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen as i came by and gave her a kiss. though it was awfully quiet and there weren't too many noticeable moving entities around the house. but there was too much wireless signals being sent all over the house. for that, with no one to talk to, i just turned on and sat in front of our big tv. chuck then came and sat next to me asking for some quality time. i know he wanted a good tummy rub. and that was all that he wanted. and he was okay with that, and so was i.

happy weekend everyone!

DanieL | 9/24/2005 10:12:00 PM |

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Bubble Wrap Pop

here's another one i like to do when i'm all stressed out, pop bubble wrap! nothing beats randomly popping them one by one, pop after pop. there is so much relief i get from popping. and when you get hold of a fresh sheet, once you pop, you can't stop!

image taken from virtual bubblewrap.


DanieL | 9/22/2005 09:11:00 AM |

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The UP Oblation

The UP Oblation   The Carillon   The Academic Oval

i've been tagged by ninner!

i'am not into surveys really but as long as it's for school spirit, why not!?

.:. ANO'NG STUDENT NUMBER MO? 96 - xxxxx - the 5-digits of my student number i do know it by heart. for that same reason, i cannot disclose such information.

.:. NAKAPASA KA BA OR WAITLISTED? i passed, diliman campus, of course!

.:. PAANO MO NALAMAN ANG ENTRANCE EXAM RESULT? during the time that wireless communication technology was still in its infancy here in the country, i was informed not through a beeper message but a phone call from a good friend cecille who lived in campus and had easy access to the phan where the old registrar's office was located.

.:. ALAM MO BA ANG UPG SCORE MO? nope. it's not something that is given to you if you pass the upcat. you get that a year after you get in which i wasn't able to do anymore.

.:. ANO ANG FIRST CHOICE MO NA COURSE? bs biology, aspiring doc during those days.

.:. SECOND CHOICE? bs chemistry

.:. ANO naging COURSE MO? bs chemistry, hoping i'd be able to continue to med school.

.:. NAGPLANO KA BANG MAG-SHIFT? yes, to biology since i was so passionate in becoming a doc. well, good thing i didn't.

.:. NAKAPAG-DORM KA NA BA? nope, with that something tells me that i missed an integral part of my college life.

.:. NAKA UNO KA NA BA? yep! major science subjects pa!

.:. NAGKA-3? yes, my freshman pe class - badminton. she only gives a 3.0 or a failing mark so i guess it's fine. guess who this terror teacher is and you win a prize!

.:. HIGHEST GRADE: 1.0 in my major subjects including one semester of thesis.

.:. LOWEST: 5.0, i got the best of both worlds. also a 4.0 and INC pa. all grades in the classcard spectrum minus DRP. i never dropped a subject.

.:. WORST EXPERIENCE SA UP: waiting for classcards...the grueling wait.

.:. LAGI KA BANG PUMAPASOK SA KLASE? yes, i had to. i didn't breeze through college like the others. i was no whiz kid. i happen to be studying in the best university in the country. pressure mounted in all directions!

.:. ANO'NG ORG MO? up association of chemistry majors and enthusiasts (up acme) and up circle of entrepreneurs (up ce)

.:. MAY SCHOLARSHIP KA BA? scholar ako ng bayan, enough said.

.:. PINANGARAP MO BANG MAG-CUM LAUDE? yes, for some weird reason.

.:. KELAN KA NAGTAPOS? april 2001

.:. FAVE PROF: my biochemistry professor, dr. flerida carino - i see her passion for teaching every time she curse proteins to oblivion and my soc sci teacher, the late prof. concepcion dadufalza who taught me things that made me survive through the harsh realities of life.

.:. WORST TEACHER: my math 17 teacher who knew nothing but to skip our 7:00am class and expected us to learn a lot.

.:. FAVE SUBJECT: my biochemistry (chem 145) lecture class and geology 11

.:. WORST SUBJECT: all of my calculus series (math 53, 55 and 55) subjects

.:. FAVE LANDMARK: the up diliman sunken garden

.:. BUILDING: quezon hall. that�s a spectacular view of the diliman campus.

.:. PABORITONG KAINAN: the beach house tops my list!

.:. Noong ESTUDYANTE KA PA MAGKANO BA ANG BINABAYAD MO SA JEEP? i rode the ikot jeep, but i already forgot how much. i think it's 1.25 nga.

.:. LAGI KA BA SA LIB? yes. sa cs lib kasi aircon and i can spend all day studying or sleeping. sa eng'g lib since most of my thesis stuff was about materials science engineering. and in the main lib, since it was open till 12mn so i can study in peace or cram all night.


.:. MAY CRUSH KA BA SA CAMPUS? naman...meron! lotsa!

.:. BF/GF? hahahaha. flings?

.:. MAY BALAK KA BA MAG-MASTERS O MAG-PHD? yes, i had a grad school stint but the plan died shortly as soon as it was materializing.

.:. ANU-ANO ANG MGA NAGING PE MO? badminton, tai-chi, stretching, weight lifting (hahahaha!); i also took extra pe classes for fun - wall climbing, social dance.

.:. KAMUSTA NAMAN ANG BLOCK NYO? super nice, super bonded like superglue! we still go out from time to time. some are grad students, medical doctors, etc.

.:. NAKAPANOOD KA NA BA NG GRADUATION SA UP? yup, i even got to go on stage with my parents! ain't that cool?

.:. MEMORIZE MO BA ANG ALMA MATER SONG? yes, I've been singing it since kinder! this one is a pure-blooded fighting maroon all throughout.


.:. NAKA-PERFECT KA NA BA NG EXAM? yes, in a lab exam in physics.

.:. ANO'NG AYAW MO SA FINALS WEEK? sunud-sunod sila!



.:. ANO'NG AYAW MO? maraming mashadong nagmamarunong!

.:. MAGANDA BA ID PIC MO? the id itself isn't something to rave about. what more the picture in it.


and who else am i tagging? all my fellow iskos and iskas in the blogging world!

the rest of my up diliman pictures can be found here.

DanieL | 9/20/2005 10:31:00 AM |

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Coffee Roast

while waiting for the barista to call your name for your coffee order, try burrying your hand in the coffee beans placed near the bar. clench your fist and dive into the beans as far as it can possibly go. once it's in, open your hand and twist it around. this feels good and relaxing to the touch as the sensation of the beans press your skin seem to infuse small amounts of pressure all around.

it's a good thing. what is it that you do to loosen up and shake off stress?

DanieL | 9/15/2005 11:27:00 AM |

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


day 5_jul_22

More Traffic and Road Construction

Stuck in Traffic   ERP in Operation   Queen Street

the next day, we started early (as ever), packed our bags and rode a 5-hour bus trip that will take us to singapore for the last leg of our trip. we paid RM 28.00 for a one way trip and hoped to get there around lunch time. traffic was minimal but it was because of a road widening construction project. here, traffic is caused by congestion of cars, buses, jeeps and the like, pedestrians who ride and alight at the wrong places, ignorant drivers, etc. the bus is spacious enough and have a provision for the seats to be reclined all the way. since we barely had sleep, we took this opportunity to rest and dozed off for a couple of hours more. i had to be awaken twice during the whole trip since we had to go through immigration in johor bahru, the last point in malaysia and at the woodlands, the first stop upon entering singapore.

no time was wasted and as soon as we checked into the hotel, we freshened up and explored the city. since the hotel was located in little india, a few steps after queens st and a quick lunch at mcdonald's, we were at sim lim square--the it and electronics mall of singapore; well, one of the many it malls in the city. it can be likened to virra mall in greenhills but it's about 7 floors of electronic stores. looking for a good buy and getting a hefty discount was a challenge since there were a lot of stores to go to. from mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, desktops, laptops, pda's, accessories to computer peripherals, all can be found at the sim lim square. after an hour, i got a remote for my iPod at half the price compared to the apple center there and here in the country. i was a happy camper.

Yummy Ice Cream Treat

EverGreen    Dirty Ice Cream, Anyone?   Yummy Ice Cream Treat

it was hot in singapore. humid late afternoons can be as hot and sticky as manila with not much trees to provide shade but all concrete. while looking for the next mrt station that will take us to our next destination, we had to stop and cool ourselves with singapore's version of "dirty ice cream". this was the ever green ice cream sold along the streets and i shamelessly tried it. sandwiched ice cream on marbled sliced bread pieces was such a delish treat with all its fancy colors. it was so hot that the ice cream was starting to melt even before i finished the whole thing.

Singapore on the Fastlane

We're Here for Shopping!   Subway to Ang Mo Kio   I Don't Care What You Say.

the bugis mrt station (ew12) was a few walks from sim lim square and og mall as we ventured to orchard road. after getting the SGD15.00 ez-card, a quick change to the ns line and we got to orchard (ns22)--the ultimate haven for shopoholics in singapore! did a bit of shopping, a quick bite at mcdonald's and we were well on our way to our next destination, the night safari! the subway map was easy to understand and signs were not difficult to follow. according to the night safari map, from ns22, take the red line train to ns16 or the ang mo kio station then another bus ride to get there. total travel time, 45 minutes! bus was packed with commuters going home from work and those going to the park on a friday night.

The Night Safari Singapore   Burning Flame

***this is the fifth part continuation of my 7-day travelogue. previous entries can be found here:

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

***more pictures can be found here:

kuala lumpur



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Sunday, September 11, 2005


people are still mouring after four years. the memory of the 9/11 tragedy will never be forgotten.

America will never forget. Posted by Hello

***photo taken from last year's entry.

DanieL | 9/11/2005 11:13:00 AM |

Friday, September 02, 2005


Lighted Trees with Star Fruits

Christmas Trees: All Shapes, All Sizes  View From The Top  Small Christmas Trees

christmas pictures from last year

the 'ber' months are finally here. this is where shameless christmas fanatics like myself start on the countdown and do things that are chirstmassy. some start planning on what christmas theme to have for this year in their homes and what decorations to put up. others start making lists and begin christmas shopping and soon bazaars appear left and right. amidst the terrible things happening around and about, i still have my own way of celebrating christmas and anything nice about it. i'm unleashing my christmas spirit and with it my childish innocence and start spreading christmas cheer to the people around.

it's the start of the first day of september and i feel fine.

DanieL | 9/02/2005 02:22:00 PM |