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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

11 observations going to fitness first


even the receptionist exhude the proper poise and confidence as they welcome customers. even they have to have a great looking body to entice people to be a member. they are the frontliners slash advertisments of the gym itself. 


the gym always has an upbeat atmosphere to keep everybody pumpin' and groovin' to the tunes. the lights blare at you as your skin gets tanned and the neon lights do their usual roundabout.


the refreshments area has a wide array of drinks to choose from: water, coffee, iced tea and soda. healthy isn't it??? amidst all the drinks you can drown yourself with, you can eat all the bananas that you can eat. what's with all the bananas anyway?


the matrons all sit together in one area of the gym as they have their regular dose of chikahan brought about by the lack of better things to do with their time, energy and money.


the matrons have a distinct look when they go workout. they have their arm and head band that doesn't coordinate with any other clothing they are wearing. they also have their own yayas for crying out loud! they can workout all made up and their jewelries abound!


the cardio theater has a wide assortment of movies being shown for you to choose from. it doesn't serve any purpose if you don't have your earphones with you. but then again, maybe you can pretend you're deaf. 


mirrors were put in the workout area of either 2 reasons: to make an illusion that the place is big or for you to become vain and look at yourself more often to be more concious of your figure. i think the latter.


the men's washroom and shower area is one of the cleanest places i've been to. enough said.


the shampoo smells like tutti-frutti that adds appeal and a better bath experience while in the shower.


the steam room can get so hot it feels like hell inside and satan is with you in the pits of inferno.


you always feel a lot better once you've stepped out of the gym and on to other things planned within the rest of the day.

DanieL | 5/05/2004 01:39:00 PM |