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Thursday, April 29, 2004


the past two months had just been one of the most difficult times of my life! i had been overwhelmed with the challenge that i've come face to face with and on how things took a downward spiral loop from the start and ended on a 180 degree turn that came out better than what i expected. i am talking about the work that i've always loved to do and the company that i am proud to be part company of choice as it is one of the most admired companies in the industry. i'm just glad that it's all over now and everything is back to what it used to...for now, i think. many lessons have been learned and a new leaf has been turned to start anew.

if there would be anything that i learned with this whole experience, i am now a believer of second chances.


DanieL | 4/29/2004 02:03:00 PM |

Thursday, April 22, 2004


i thought of blogging while corresponding with my friend liz while in the office. we had been exchanging crazy emails while letting time pass by.

here are my thoughts at this time:

-tagalog: magtagalugan daw kami habang nasa office siya para yung mga boss niyang swiss e hindi mabasa yung mga pinaguusapan namin. ang sabi ko naman, ang bastos naman ng boss niya at nakikibasa ng email ng may email. marahil sadyang sa sungit nito at walang "fun" email na natatanggap kaya nakikibasa na lang ng mga emails ng empleyado niya. o di kaya naman ay sa sobrang praning nito na ang mga tauhan niya ay kung anuanong pinaguusapan sa likod niya e nagnais na magmasid sa kapaligiran.

-kangkungan: dun kami pupulutin pag may naka-alam nung pinaguusapan namin. may kinalaman ito sa trabaho kaya walang taong dapat na makabasa...laung-lalo na yung maldita niyang boss. sa kangkungan marami kaming puwedeng gawin. magsasaya at maliliwaliw, magkakaroon ng makamundong tawanan at magte-tent.

-makamundong tawanan: tulad ng aking nabanggit kanina, tatawa kami ng tatawa hanggang kabagin kami sa saya. pero nabanggit ko rin na sana yung tent na dadalhin niya ay kulay green.

-tent: meron siya blue...2 pa. ba't kaya? favorite niya blue? nag-sale ng blue na tents? sana yung isa blue, yung isa green. o kaya blue and white para nautica ang dating or parang regatta ang dating. maganda din blue and red para makabayan....puwede! puwede din blue at pink para saksakan ng baduy at may halong kabadingan. blue at orange sana para summer heat ang dating. pero panalo yung blue and blue...wala lang.

what a crazy day! i am so not making any all!

DanieL | 4/22/2004 03:49:00 PM |

Monday, April 19, 2004

We just moved back to our hopefully permanent home, back to Eastwood- the third office of the company up in the electronics mall of the Cybercity. This had been a long-awaited move from Makati since the last quarter of 2003. One thing I'v noticed around it that so many things have changed. The place is more congested; more people, more cars, more restos and shops. There had been a lot of development in terms of infrastructure especially now that there are movie houses now! So much with that. One fact still remains, the company is still the same, new smells new and the computers are defintely brand new! Work is still challenging but definitely it's a lot nearer home. �

I miss my bed...I wanna get more sleep.

DanieL | 4/19/2004 09:38:00 PM |