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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Birthday Girl!

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after nikki's wedding festivities came allie's suprise birthday bash. monics sent an invite that she and allie's bosom buddies were brewing this one hell of a surprise. the plan was to all converge in her home long before she arrives from work, find a sweet spot in their big living room and sit still. then kaboom, scream a 'happy birthday' greeting once she steps in.

i left work early (yeah, 6pm is early) that drizzling evening since it is a long jump to quezon city where she lives but i got to hitch a ride from cecille and ish. adrian tagged along coming from his office in quezon city and we all then trooped to allie's house. running a bit late (as usual), i got a call from nikki who just arrived from their honeymoon asking why the bloody hell i'm late again. before i could give my long overrated excuse for not making it on time and before she gave me the litany of a lifetime, my phone went dead with no juice left.

when we arrived, everyone and everything was all set and busily awaiting for the birthday girl. food was already prepared and a big yellow and light blue cake from dexter's served as the centerpiece. her whole family was of course a part of this whole fiasco of a surprise and made sure that she doesn't suspect anything.

to make things short and really corny, she came home and got a real birthday treat. best of all, it was shared with her closest friends from school (that's us) and her family. it was an evening of good food and great company of friends which i haven't seen for the longest time. it turned out a mini high school reunion of sorts.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Luau Girls- Monics, Allie, Bopeep Fluffy Fuschia Pen IMG_2707

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nikki's bridal shower
nail bliss - katipunan
loyola heights, quezon city

things had been in a real whirl lately. not only do i slave away during weekdays with work but also with my weekends when i attend to other matters...not concerning work. at least.

i got invited to a luau-themed wedding shower of our good friend, nikki. actually, there may have been more guys who were invited but it's just that only adrian and myself made it. it was an afternoon filled with games with the bride and our closest friends from high school. while all games were wedding related and it was pretty apparent that everyone had fun, it was also the time again to meet up and enjoyed each other's company. since it was held in allie's nail spa in katipunan (nail bliss), not only the bride but the girls enjoyed foot spas and other foot pampering treatments.

IMG_2993 IMG_3016 IMG_3078 The Big Tent Ceiling The Big Tent Reception

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nikki and dan tied the knot!
sta. maria dela strada church
loyola heights, quezon city

two weeks after her luau wedding shower, nikki and daniel got married in a ceremony attended by a small number of people. for that it felt especially solemn--the ceremony and all up to the wedding reception. it was attended by some friends from our high school, from college, colleagues from work and relatives from both dan and nikki's family.

again, congratulations to dan and nikki!

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