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Friday, June 30, 2006


MacBook in the Coffeehouse 1
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macbook in the coffeehouse
starbucks coffee
manila, philippines

the macbook had been begging me to be taken out strolling. shortly or a few days after i got acquainted with it, a visit to the nearby coffeehouse was the very first bonding experience we had. wifi internet surfing over honey-sweetened warm latte on a quiet saturday evening is always a good thing. i also tried writing down some things on my notebook shortly after an hour of surfing but instead ended buying more prepaid credits for more surfing. [note: this coffeeshop or establishment did not offer free web surfing services]

The First PhotoBooth Picture Nikki's Luau 5 Nikki's Luau 4

one of the many neat things on the macbook is the built-in iSight and the Photo Booth application that lets you take snapshots. images are low-res, around 640x480 but the add-ons are a real treat. change your photo effects from b&w, sepia, colored, negative, thermal or even add distortions to the image such as swirls, dents, bulges, etc.

the bluetooth mouse came a few days later after i got the macbook. the dealer forgot to ship or order it together with the macbook. going wireless surfing is the way to go these days and pairing it with the bluetooth mouse that go so well with the macbook without the entagled wires is great for a neat-freak like me. the only thing wired i have now are the earphones of my ipod. wireless earphones? hmmmm...

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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waterfront beach resort
morong, bataan

i had been on vacation since friday not for anything but because i just had offsettable hours to burn. so today ends my 5-day mini-vacation and i'll be going back tomorrow. it feels weird but i'm starting to miss work and the stress that comes with it.

i would've wanted to go to the beach, bask in the sun while reading a good book, feel the roughness of the sand while walking barefoot along the shore, feel the warm breeze on my skin and savor the distinct smell of the ocean. but this vacation was totally unplanned for-- a storm hovered the country over the weekend plus other lame excuses that i thought of.


DanieL | 6/27/2006 09:05:00 PM |

Saturday, June 17, 2006


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1st world pyro olympics
manila bay complex
pasay city, manila, philippines

this may come a few minutes to early in this part of the world. to all the dads out there, happy, happy fathers day!

this is one of the images i took during the pyro olympics held in manila late last year. since i was busy timing my camera to capture the fireworks, it was only during post-processing that i noticed the father and son moment captured in this shot. it turned out nice afterall, it has become one of my favorites, actually.

DanieL | 6/17/2006 11:20:00 PM |

Thursday, June 08, 2006



IMG_087 IMG_109 IMG_117 IMG_120

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i'm done drooling. i didn't get to buy the ibook g4 that was initially the object of my technolust. by the time i had the money late may, apple already released the intel-based macs hence i ended up getting the 13" macbook from dindin. i'm glad i made the switch from pc to mac. and for that i'm a very happy camper.

indeed, a happy, happy, joy, joy.

what can say about the 13" macbook? it's white, thin and sleek. excellent screen resolution where colors are alive and graphics are crisp-- just the way i like it. the dashboard is a treat and very fluid when you hover your pointer over the icons. i like the manner the screen minimize and maximize as it is a joy to look at. communication with the wireless router was effortlessly done on its own and with it i was surfing in no time.

i'm so enjoying my macbook eversince i had it yesterday and with the independence day weekend coming, hence more time to love it all the more.

DanieL | 6/08/2006 07:16:00 PM |

Sunday, June 04, 2006


nope, i'm not about to have a blogger hiatus, i just had one...somewhat like that and now i'm back.

Golden Afternoon

IMG_1995 Water Lilies Covered Walk Posts Fire Tree in Bloom
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golden afternoon walks
university of the philippines (diliman campus)
quezon city, philippines

once upon a hot summer day, i ditched work and visited my school.

it was the middle of the summer break hence there weren't much student activity except the ones attending summer school. it was midday when i decided to take snapshots around. i liked how the sunlight peered through the canopy created by the acacia trees lining the campus. plus the way the foliage meet up in the middle coming from both sides of the road. everything was green- the trees,the grasses and all!

my next stop was the lagoon. it was a designated area in the middle of the campus. coming from the university avenue, it would be located at the back of the oblation, behind the amphitheatre. i gazed around walking along the jogging/ bike lane that traverses the area. there had been stone seats and tables for picnics, outdoor meetings and the like that had been placed around. i love the lilies and hyacinths that were in bloom. i just had the urge to take a stop and rested a bit.

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