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Friday, June 17, 2005


Delish Shrimp Dish (Schezuan Style)  Delish Shrimp Dish (Schezuan Style)  Delish Shrimp Dish (Schezuan Style)

Hakaw  Hakaw  Hakaw

i had a fine thursday evening. no more starving to death or cocoa pebbles with milk tv dinners. simply had enough of it. dinner was at the master's wok at the podium where shrimps were cooked schezuan style, shrimp dimsum (hakaw) and yangchow fried rice.

master's wok is one of the cleanest chinese restaurants i've been to in the metro and i'd readily recommend it to anyone who's craving for the oriental "stuff". it's spacious, has appropriate lighting conditions, ambiance is what i'd say, very chinese with the lanterns, light fixtures, art works and all! service is great with food attendants who are very accommodating and attentive to your very needs. dishes are reasonably priced hence it's money well spent.

i was a happy camper and nothing beats a hefty dinner and then having brewed coffee and some light chatting.

The Master's Wok

5/F The Podium

ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Tel. 633.2406

DanieL | 6/17/2005 09:59:00 AM |

Thursday, June 16, 2005


McColoso King Cone at McDo

i'm not in a suicidal mood. i just feel that i'm slowly wasting away by not eating right. of the many things i miss so much are home cooked meals. when i get home, after changing to my pj's, i feel that it's such a laborious slash time-consuming task to fix a meal for myself and afterwhich i'll have to clean the pots and pans before going to bed. for that i've skipped that part and watch tv instead. i don't know until when i'd last with tv dinners consisting of cocoa pebbles and milk. for breakfast, i buy the biggest gulp that 7-eleven has and fill it with ice cold soda. the only time i get to eat right is during lunch.

this is a scary reminder that i'm not reaching my goal to gain more pounds. =(

DanieL | 6/16/2005 05:55:00 PM |

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Flickr Schwag 1.0

this one taken from flickr blog.

One of the most often requested Flickr features is schwag. We're pleased announce the arrival of Flickr Schwag 1.0. These three buttons and two stickers can by yours by sending a Self Addressed Envelope* to:


P.O.Box 3816

Sunnyvale, CA 94088

We need to decorate our walls, so if you want to include a photo or postcard of your home town, we'd be thrilled.

* Don't worry about stamps, we'll take care of the postage (US + International)

flickr rules!

DanieL | 6/09/2005 03:24:00 PM |


it's been a long, long while since i left a blog. so long that we're now consistently been getting evening rains which helps me get a good night's sleep everytime. the last time i was still ranting about the scorching heat.

i've been crazy at work which makes me a real and even more crazy person. shortly after my brown bagging blog, i got signed up for 5-days of brown bag sessions cum training. there goes another week of working lunches *sigh*. unbelievable. so before anything else and before i got burried with tons of tasks here in the workplace, i'll blog a short one on how my weekend went.

saturday, 06.04.2005

saturday morning was laundry day! well not really, i took my clothes to the washers and paid somebody to do it for me. there's an option for me to do the washing myself but it's not being done for now since the laundry shoppe don't get a steady supply of water all day. so much for self-serve laundry here in the philippines.

our family get together to celebrate dave, mark and my mom's birthdays turned not so great since the 7pm dinner in turn became a 10pm dinner just in time for the closing of albergus. shortly after the downpour, everyone got stuck in traffic as we all headed to quezon city. the only ones who didn't feel the frustration over traffic were my nieces, tiana and carissa who were just playing the whole time and enjoying each other's company. just the same, we still had a rad time during our short and sweet dinner and we're looking forward to the next one sometime june for abel's birthday.

sunday, 06.05.2004

sunday afternoon was for nikki's mom. we visited teacher pat at the hospital since she had been confined there for sometime now for her medical treatments. teacher pat had been awake the whole afternoon, watching tv and listening to cecille's crazy stories since she just got back from her vacation from the states. what's even better is that some of our friends in high school are medical interns so it was a good time also to meet them and catch up on stories plus the fact that they'll be close by and looking after teacher pat. **note to nikki: teacher pat is always included in our prayers for her health condition to get better ���.

drizzling sunday evening was movie night with allan at powerplant mall and watched madagascar. funny movie, i was laughing the whole time. still a big pixar cartoon fan here. crazy animals with funny conversations and antics. makes you wonder what if they're really capable of doing such.

more flickr pictures from the many company outings we've had for the summer to be uploaded soon together with some birthday pictures of friends and family. other pictures will follow as well. watch out for them. let's keep all fingers crossed i'd find time for all these.

later i'll have dinner with some dear people from my previous company so there'd be a lot of catching up to do and stories to share on how we've all been. and tomorrow will be movie night, brad pitt and angelina jolie's not-so-new movie for which the title i can't remember for now.

now i'll start with work...

DanieL | 6/09/2005 08:53:00 AM |